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GreenUp is supporting this new campaign to get everyone thinking about food loss and waste. For the technical difference, click here, but for now let's examine the facts that lead to this problem:

  • About 1/3 of our food production world-wide gets lost/wasted in food production and consumption
  • Almost half of thisis the result of retailers and consumers in industrialized regions who discard food
  • We waste about 300 million tonnes, which is more than the total net food production of Sub-Saharan Africa. That's enough to feed the estimated 900 million people hungry in the world according to the FAO.

So what can you do?

We're glad you ask. We at GreenUp are going to start sharing ingenious reuse ideas, leftover-based recipes etc etc and we'd love your help to share these through our Facebook page. For now that's it, but stay in tune with us to see what we've got in store mid-April in the lead up to the 2013 World Environment Day celebrations...

And start by informing yourself with this video

For more news and resources, see the Think.Eat.Savewebsite

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