Green Economy Greening our Cities

Citizens Power Green Cities

A Green Economy includes greener, more sustainable cities. Local governments are important to this process, but grassroots initiatives and activities are vital to integrating a Green Economy into communities on a social level.

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Pedestrians and bicyclists in Bruges, Belgium. Copyright UNCSD andClaire Vancauwemberge

  • Does your city have widespread and easy to access recycling bins?
  • Does your city subsidize public transportation? Do they support walkable neighbourhoods?
  • Has your local government assessed its own resource efficiency and made efforts to improve?

Local government officials are there to represent YOU. Contact your local representative to find out what green initiatives are happening in your city.

. . . And then share them with us! We'd love to learn about local Green Economy initiatives happening in your community. Use the comment box below to tell us about them.

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