Sustainabili-Train Game

Prizes include:

  • Free Train tickets to any destination in Europe.
  • Two 50 Euro travel vouchers, redeemable in any Deutsche Bahn travel centre.  
  • Amazing hot air balloon ride.


The deadline to be entered in the raffle is the 31st of August 2012. Winners will be contacted by the 15th of September 2012.


Don’t Miss out! 



There are more and more cars on the road these days, and the consequences include congestion as well as negative impacts on climate and environment. The good news is, we can all GreenUp – and we can do it together. Travelling with others is more economic and environmentally friendly, but it’s also more fun! We can all contribute to a better and healthier environment for our communities and for future generations to enjoy.
Why travel with others?
• Less cost to the community – and to you!
• Less need for urban space
• Less energy-intensive and less pollution per person
• More time to chat!
Did you know . . . ?
• If we stay on track with current trends, vehicle traffic will increase by 60% between 2005 and 2025 – and that means choosing between gridlock or fewer public urban spaces.
• The total length of railway lines in Europe is about 210.000 km – enough to travel around the world more than 5 times.
• Railways in Europe get 30% of their energy from renewable sources – and the figure is rising.
Europeans who carpooled from 2008-2011 saved over 630.000 tonnes in carbon emissions, 324 million litres of gas, and 750 million euros – and gained thousands of friendships!

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